Canoeing Safari

A unique perspective on Tanzanian wildlife and landscape

For the country with both the biggest and the deepest lake in Africa, Tanzania visitors have relatively little opportunity for canoeing safaris. The only areas where game viewing can be done from a canoe are in Arusha National Park, Lake Duluti and in Lake Manyara National Park (if water level is sufficient). This is all canoeing on lakes, not rivers and the safaris are no longer than 3-hours.

We started our canoeing operations in Lake Manyara National Park after El Nino flooded most of the park and a canoe was a very sensible means of game viewing. This was the first adventure activity to be allowed in any Tanzanian National Park and we are still the only outfitter allowed to operate this activity for the parks. A well trained Wayo guide will accompany your canoe safari.

Canoeing Momella Lake (Arusha National Park)

Enjoy a peaceful and scenic canoeing safari following the shorelines of small Momella Lake. On this 2- 2.5 hours canoe safari you can view buffaloes, bushbuck, giraffes, hippos and many water birds living in and close to the water.

Where do we meet: Small Lake Momella (inside Arusha National Park)
Time: mornings or afternoons
Strenuousness: low
Equipment used: stable 2-persons fibre glass canoes

Canoeing Lake Manyara (Manyara National Park)

Lake Manyara is home to an incredible array of bird life, including thousands of pink-hued flamingos. You can get very close to giraffes, elephants, buffalos and other animals grazing on the shoreline. All from the comfort of your canoe. Enjoy the breathtaking scenery and the beauty that surrounds you on this 2.5 hours canoe safari .

Where do we meet: Endala picnic site (inside Manyara National Park)
Time: mornings or afternoons
Strenuousness: low

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